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Thank you to everyone who sent in your beautiful comments over the years :-)

*My partner, brother in law and two of my best friends purchased it after seeing my results - we all love it! Now i'm buying it for my sister...

Thank you so much!

Rated number one
Rated No.
It has been our pleasure to whiten so many smiles for so long and we value every single customer xx
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Bdazzled complete kit only $39.00 - don't miss out.
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It’s proven, one of the first things we notice is a person’s smile, make yours a dazzling one with BDazzled and create an impression that lasts!


Well, it’s the unique – can't get them anywhere else, completely customised – shrink to your teeth like cling wrap, whitening trays that hold the gel tight against your teeth to prevent spotting. This is the most important aspect of teeth whitening and why dentists charge you so much to have them made in the dental clinic. Oh...and our gel is exactly the same - same strength - same quality - same fantastic results!!!

We've whitened thousands of smiles all over the world with BDazzled. We're Australian owned & Australian made and we use only quality ingredients in all our products. All our gels are fresh and full strength.

(We manufacture our gels for dentists so you can feel confident with BDazzled. No gimmicky lights, no tricks, no hidden charges or fees, just Australian quality teeth whitening that works at a price that everyone can afford)

If you ever need any help we are available 10-3pm Monday to Friday on 1300 880 004 and cannot wait to talk to anyone that wants to talk teeth and how we can help you achieve your dazzling white smile. We can also direct you to one of our friendly stockists in your area who will help you feel even more confident about BDazzled and how well it really does work :-)



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If you've ever wanted to use Bdazzled or your friends have talked about it ... pass on these great savings to them today, it's all only whilst stocks last and only available online.

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 The B'Dazzled 2 Week Teeth Whitening Kit


2 Weeks worth of professional strength whitening gel + a third syringe in case you have heavy staining.

Two patented thermoshrink mouthguards,

One mouthguard case and

Detailed instructions + 5 min dvd...

This product is best suited to you if your teeth are yellow from aging, cigarettes, red wine, black tea or if you have sensitive teeth. Once you have completed this treatment you will not need to re-whiten for at least 1-2 years.


Closing down Online Only price... $ quick!

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B'Dazzled 2 Week Teeth Whitening Kit







 NEW!!! BDazzled Advanced Whitening Strips



WHITE SMILES FAST without the need for mouthguards!!14 days Upper and Lower (28 Strips) worth of professional strength 18% Carbamide Peroxide gel. You wear for 45 minutes a day for 14 days. Bdazzled Advanced Whitening Strips use a unique formula that allows the strip to stay on the tooth for the full 45 minutes making sure you get the full benefit. The gel is neutral pH and safe on your enamel.

This product is best suited to you if you want to whiten your teeth without worrying about mouthguards and syringes of gel. The dazzling results will last you up to 12 months!

The Advanced Whitening Strip gel is safe on your teeth and the strip stays in place once applied. You can whiten on your way to work, in front of the tv, in the shower or whilst your cleaning your house :-)

RRP $89.95

ONLY $5.00 while stocks last!

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*Your credit card will only be charged once, this is a once only charge.



 Simple Quick and Easy Application - Whiten Anytime ... Anywhere!




Yt :) White Smiles, uses the strongest available active ingredient within the professional dental industry that is available for "take home" whitening. You will see a noticeable difference after just 6 applications.

Just twist the pen and brush the gel onto the front of your teeth morning and night. Your teeth will be whiter in as little as 6 days. Results last 3 months

This product is best suited as a maintanence product after you have whitened with BDazzled Complete kit or from the Dentist.

RRP $29.95

$10.00 whilst stocks last

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Whiten Anytime






2 Weeks worth of professional strength whitening gel and detailed instructions... Just use in your existing BDazzled or dentist made mouthguard for 30 minutes twice a day until you reach the results you desire.

This product is fantastic if you have already whitened before with either a dentist whitening system or with BDazzled and would just like to "touch up your results". A touch up usually requires 1-3 days of whitening.

RRP $49.95


only $19.00.. Be quick!!

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*Your credit card will only be charged once, this is a once only charge.


Mini Kit

Dont be tricked by the lights!
The blue lights on TV and in shopping centres have been proven to be just a marketing gimmick - nothing more than torches with a blue light that dehydrates your teeth for 20 minutes with bulky hard mouthguards full of gel that can burn your gums and lips.
As warned on Today Tonight!! Read some articles about the lights here:


Click here to read what Choice Magazine is saying about Bdazzled.

The SAFEST, BEST and longest lasting way to whiten your teeth is with a unique fitting mouthguard
and high quality, trusted and safe whitening gel either from your dentist or from BDazzled.

Please call us if you want to talk about it - 1300 880 004.


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All B'Dazzled Teeth Whitening Gels are SAFE, Highly Effective and Guaranteed to Get Your Teeth White. We go to great lengths
to ensure our customers are happy. You can always get in touch with us via our email or for Australian customers
our 1300 880 004 number
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Please Read What Our Customers Have Written :



10 September 2013

My Bdazzled has arrived, thanks. I love this product - it is the only teeth whitener I have ever found that ACTUALLY works - but it is so hard to find at retail outlets.

Thanks again.


24 January 2013

I just wanted to thank you! I had an issue with one of my guards melting and the lovely lady who answered my phone call was more than helpful, my replacement guard arrived in less than 24hrs....AMAZING!!

One thing less I have to stress about in my lead up to our wedding, thanks again!



16 November 2012

Love your product. Wasn't sure it was whitening my teeth but decided to just put it on the top set for a couple of weeks and really noticed the difference!



Lisa Gormley - Home and Away April 2012

Bdazzled Advanced Whitening Strips used for the Logies: Perfect!! Thank you x

22 July 2011

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your prompt service as I have already received my purchase.
It is refreshing to come across a company who understands what customer service is.
Kindest Regards



(From reviews)


Jun 18, 2010 3:03pm
This product is the best whiteneing product available, i have tried several but this is number 1


Mar 28, 2010 2:18am
Effective & Great Price
This definitely whitened my teeth - although perhaps not to the extent an in-clinic treatment can do. However, for the price, I'd say it's pretty damn amazing. My teeth have turned perhaps 4 shades lighter and there is no more staining. I love it! My parents have seen the results and have asked me to buy the product for them and I'm more than happy to do so.
Read the full review of B’Dazzled by Daedalnat.



Jul 22, 2009 6:15pm
I;ve tried loads of whitening products......this is by far the best.
The best $99 i;ve spent!!! Don't waste hundreds of dollars going to the dentist!!!!
Read the full review of B’Dazzled by StealMySunshine.


Jun 13, 2009 4:13pm
Six shades whiter
I had pretty stained teeth from smoking and drinking red wine. Bought this product off the internet for $99. It comes with a dvd to show you how to use it. I messed up one of the mouthguards but I rang them and they sent me another one straight away. I used it for 10 days and my teeth went to the number one on the shade guide. I still smoke but every couple of months I wear it for 15minutes and it whitens it all out again.
Read the full review of B’Dazzled by Beautyguru80.


Jun 13, 2009 4:03pm
Awesome results
Love this product, I used it over a year ago and my teeth are still really white. I've used heaps of others before but this one actually worked. I saw changes in only two days but used it for 7 to get them as white as I could.
Read the full review of B’Dazzled by Livvy239.



Jun 11, 2009 3:28pm
Great even for sensitive teeth!
This is a seriously effective kit - my teeth are significantly whiter after using for half an hour twice a day for six days.. quite a few people have commented on my lovely smile over the past couple of days!
The guard moulds perfectly to your teeth (after holding in hot water), ensuring the gel is evenly on the tooth service for the whole half hour. Make sure your read the instructions carefully and follow them to get the perfect kit - though don't stress if you don't as you can just drop it back into the hot water and re-mould.
The kit was really easy to use and I am impressed that my teeth are so much whiter so quickly. Love the melon flavour!
I was lucky enough to get some great advice from the creator of B'Dazzled on whitening my teeth when she visited us at beautyheaven HQ. I have always had really sensitive teeth, so was wary of teeth whitening, especially those of professional strength. Firstly, use tooth mousse (ask your dentist) for two weeks before, and then use Sensedyne tooth paste afterwards. My teeth were not sensitive at all after the series of treatments!
Read the full review of B’Dazzled by bh'sLaina.


Anna Plunkett, Romance Was Born, Australian Fashion Week Designer : "The results that can be achieved with BDazzled are amazing quick and sweet".

I would just like to comment on the excellent customer service I have received from yur business. I emailed you a couple of days ago and received a reply within the hour. Then I ordered your tooth whitening
system on Wednesday and it arrived this morning by registered mail. This service is so unusal that I felt I had to comment and let you know it is fantastic to see this. Hope your product works as well as your business. Kind Regards Heidi 2/10/09

Many thanks for all your help, you truly live up to your DVD message of excellent customer support. Cheers and thanks again, Walter 07/07/09

Bowie, Australian Fashion Week Designer: "Firstly, it's packaged so beautifully it's suitable for both men & women. It's use in the Bowie show made an amazing impression. With the sun shining and the models smiling, they're teeth sparkled like diamonds!"

Geoffrey J Finch, Antipodium, Vogue Magazines' designer to watch at Australian Fashion Week: "This summer freshness was major focus. BDazzled certainly gave our girls (and me) extra brightness and whiteness. We're hooked!" week.html

Also, see some of BDazzled's PR at

BLUSH HAIR AND BEAUTY, Wyong: BDazzled is so easy to sell and better still its safe on the teeth. It works really fast, its affordable and gives great results.                   

WOY WOY PHARMACY:  BDazzled sells itself! It gives fast fantastic results and we confidently recommend it.

Dr Frank Vella, Cosmetic Physician, Mediskin Clinic. BDazzled delivers exceptional results! My clients often look years younger simply by whitening their teeth. I have many customers come into the clinic just to purchase a BDazzled kit.

"Thank you so much for all your help. I was a first time user of teeth whitening and had so many questions I wanted to ask. Even though I read them on your website I felt so much better when you talked me through my options on the phone. I now have DAZZLING white teeth after you recommended the B'Dazzled two week system for me. Everyone you.Kim C. 21/4/09

The service from B'Dazzled was excellent! After I ordered, I called their office to tell them I hadn't read the instructions properly and messed up my mouthguard. They were very helpful and friendly and went out of their way to make sure I had beautiful white teeth before my wedding by instructing me on how to speed up the whitening process (I had to complete it in a week). If you are looking to whiten your teeth, this is the place to go - good prices, knowledgeable staff, and excellent products! :-)
Stacey P 24/03/2005 Brilliant results after only a few days..even my dentist noticed the huge change! Worth every cent. Thank you so much. Jeremy K. 7/06/2005


If you order before 3.30pm Monday to Friday your order will be processed and sent the same day via registered post and must be signed for. If you're not available on the day of delivery the post man wlil leave you a card to present to your local post office.

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Usually next working day delivery if ordered before 3.30pm Monday to Frida. Please allow an extra day for unusual cicumstances.

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